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UK fire safety legislation

UK fire safety legislation applies to virtually all non-domestic premises and covers nearly every type of building, structure and open space, such as:

• Offices and shops • Factories and warehouses • Sleeping accommodation, hotels, hostels, and B&B’s • Residential care premises, including care homes and hospitals • Community halls, places of worship and other community premises • The shared areas of properties (HMO’s) in which several households live (housing laws also apply)

Please note, in Scotland and Northern Ireland the legislation applies to the whole HMO, not just the communal area

• Pubs, clubs and restaurants • Theatres and cinemas • Educational premises, school and sports centres • Outdoor events, tents and marquees

It does NOT apply to:

• Private homes • Anything that flies, floats or runs on wheels (unless it is static and used like a building) • The underground parts of mines • Fields, woods or land that forms part of agriculture or forestry undertaking

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