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Keeping construction sites safe

We offer a full range of construction site temporary fire detection and safety systems to ensure your site is compliant.

​Our construction site fire alarms are ideal for where a hard wired fire detection is not feasible or not yet installed. Ideal for building sites or temporary structures, this equipment is easy to install and can be used and reused with ease.  It is also fully compliant with H&S requirements.

A fire alarm system is essential on construction sites especially when they become more complex and have large quantities of combustible materials present. Add to this the increasing number of high rise and timber framed structures and you have a potentially dangerous combination of personnel working in high or remote locations, surrounded by materials and hot trades that can easily become a fire hazard.

With this in mind, all responsible organisations need to be certain that the products and machinery that they use to protect their workforce from fire on construction sites are effective, reliable and compliant with the appropriate legislation. When it comes to fire safety, the UK’s construction industry is covered by a number of laws, guidelines and codes of practice, including:

  • The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005)

  • The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations

  • HSE Fire Safety Guidelines for Construction Sites (HSG168)

  • The Fire Protection Association Joint Code of Practice

  • BS5839-1 – Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings

  • The Structural Timber Association’s 16 Steps to Timber Frame Construction.


All of these set out fire safety requirements in relation to their particular focus, and each specifies that an appropriate fire alarm system must be used. These guidelines form a comprehensive set of best practice indicators for the use and installation of fire safety systems in the construction industry. 

All of our engineers are fully versed in the understanding and implementation of these regulations, advising accordingly to ensure minimal risk to your staff and premises.

Site Alarms

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